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The company was founded with the focus on offerring telecommunication and information technology services for company customers in all Czech Republic.

What can we offer?



Information technology

We provide services and consultancy in area of

  • lease of optical fibres
  • Ethernet based leased lines with transmission speeds 10Mbit/s-10Gbit/s
  • telehousing services
  • VoIP converged solution services

Tailored software solutions based on configuration of free GNU/GPL software e.g. in Linux,network management for

  • supervision and monitoring systems
  • security company policy
  • special server-client application according to customer inputs

We offer further wireless radio network desing (WiFi)

The services can include consultancy, desing, technical and price analysis, pilot project, providing of implementation and operational processes setup in both Telco/IT areas

BITEO s.r.o., Nad Cihelnou 943, 26751 Zdice      IČO:272 16 608     DIČ: CZ27216608    bank connection 395 656 329/0800